J.B. Beverley "Head South" CD PRE-ORDER (Ships April 25, 2017)


The follow up to 2014's critically acclaimed "Stripped To The Root", J.B. Beverley is set to release his new CD "Head South" in April of 2017. Calling it a "School of Rock And Roll" record, Beverley is delivering a largely electric album, featuring a mix of rock, blues, and country music that is sure to leave fans of American roots music and traditional rock and roll very pleased. 

"I wanted to make an album that pays respect to the bands and sound that I love within the rock and roll landscape." says Beverley from his North Carolina home. With a teaser cut of the title track being called "the place where the Rolling Stones meets the Drive-By Truckers and Social Distortion", J.B. is taking the electric elements of "Stripped To The Root" and running with them. 

"If you liked the electric side of 'Stripped', this is your record! Don't get me wrong though, there's still a country element to this album, but it has bolder songs, better production, and showcases some different influences. More southern rock than honky tonk, but a hundred percent ME!" 

CD's ship on Tuesday April 25, 2017, and fans have the choice of getting the CD signed before delivery for a few dollars more. 

*There will also be a deluxe package being offered with a limited edition signed print.