J.B. Beverley "Stripped To The Root" CD


Taking a break from his Wayward Drifters, J.B. Beverley hit the studio for a different kind of album in 2013. A mixture of country, rock, folk, and even punk, "Stripped To The Root' offers something for everyone. 

* This reissue on Rebel Roots Records contains two original bonus tracks that were not on the original release.*  

Track Listing: 

1. Appalachian Swamp Stomp

2. Get The Wheels A Rollin' 

3. All The Little Devils

4. Bit Of Pickin' 

5. When I Can Make You Mine

6. I Ain't No Nice Guy

7. Nightmare Keeper

8. Disappear On Down The Line

9. Queen Of The Scene

10. Some Other Place In Time

11. Cigarettes & Alcohol

12. Hang Me, Oh Hang Me

13. Time Will Tell

14. Stripped To The Root

15. Untitled

16. My Other Side

17. Tell It To My Grave